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The International Convention on the Simplification and Harmonisation of Customs Procedures, a revised version of which was adopted in June 1999 and now popularly known as the revised Kyoto Convention, is one of the major international instruments developed by the World Customs Organization (WCO). It is recognized as an international standard, and used as a benchmark, for the global Customs community.


The revised Kyoto Convention provides for the simplification, harmonisation and modernisation of Customs procedures. This Convention contains modern Customs formalities and procedures, harmonised Customs documents for use in international trade and transport, and provides for the use of risk management techniques and the optimal use of information technology by Customs administrations.

Indeed, important trade facilitation concepts such as audit based controls and authorised trading are also major elements of the Convention. By specifying the application of simple but efficient procedures and stating minimum and maximum levels of facilitation and control for import, export, and transit of goods including the movement of passengers and means of transport, the revised Kyoto Convention is regarded as the blueprint for trade facilitation.

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